Submission guidelines



Abstracts should be in English language, in word format, and include:


> Introduction

> Theoretical background

> Methods

> Results

> Conclusions

> Keywords

> References


Authors should indicate which sub-theme(s) of the conference they are addressing (the sub-themes represent general areas that may host many different topics):


• Acceptability of environmental policies

• Historical and/or cultural research

• Individual factors underlying environmental attitudes and behaviour

• Systemic factors underlying environmental action

• Underlying motivations of individal’s involvement in environmental behaviour

• Multi, inter and trans-disciplinary approaches and principles

• Quality of life and well-being

• Research methods

• Restorative environments

• Social influence

• Spatial planning and cognition

• Environmental influences on cognition and behaviour

• Agent Based Modelling and pro-environmental behaviour

• Social simulation perspectives

• Environmental action and sustainability

• Social innovation

• Individual and collective agency and empowerment

• Sustainability transitions

• Environmental education for sustainability

• Sustainable lifestyles

• Time use and pro-environmental beaviour

• Energy transitions and consumption.  The human factor.

• Narratives of change on social innovaton

• Initiative-based social learning

• Theoretical aspects

• Sustainability and social conflict

• Risks and hazards: Perception and Management



Abstracts for Oral presentation


Abstract for oral presentation must have a maximum of 500 words excluding references, or a maximum of 3.300 characters.



Abstracts for Oral Symposium presentation


A symposium consists of four or five presentations around a common theme.


First, a proposed symposium abstract should be sent by email to It must indicate that it is "proposed symposium", setting the number of convenors as number of authors, and filling in all the required fields (names, affiliation, etc.).


The abstract of the proposed symposium, must have a maximum of 500 words excluding references.


Once the technical secretariat confirm the reception of the proposed symposium abstract to the convenors, participants in the session should separately submit their abstracts as "symposium" and with the "reference" indicated by the technical secretariat. Abstracts for the symposium must not be submitted through the web site without the reference that authors must use to link the abstracts to the proposed symposium 

Abstracts for Poster presentation


Abstract for poster presentation must have 500 words -maximum 3300 characters- excluding a maximum of 4 bibliographical references.


Reviewers might also suggest that an abstract presented for oral presentation should be in the poster session.











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